The Luna Ship

L.ove U.nites N.ature A.ctivates

Let’s set sail together.

My routine has been revamped! I wake up to start my practice & the imprints pull me right in. I use the messages throughout the day & it keeps me centered. The classes always leave me wanting more ways to work with Luna because it is so vast. I feel more connected & now I understand HOW we are ALL connected.

Prudence, Cannabis Advocate & Visionary

THE LUNA SHIP is a vessel to carry us through
the Wild Ride of the current Perfect Storm.

A Mystery School.

A score for your spiritual practice
that can continue to open the way.
A touchstone to hold steady.
A platform of respect & integrity.


Each month you will receive:

  • A Daily Morning Imprint from Me.
    Tiny voice messages to start your day.
  • 3 Weekly Email Writing Prompts
    Following the mapping of  MAIDEN/MOTHER/ENCHANTRESS/HAG Lunar Phases. 
  • New Moon & Full Moon Video Astral Reflections
  • Personal Lunar Mantra with timely additions each cycle
  • Monthly suggestions for your Lunar Prayer cycle
    including Subtle Activism, Sacred Foods, Altar Blueprints, Nature Exploration & Body Invocations
  • Three live classes weekly via Private Instagram Group
  • One Full Spectrum Lunar Q&A session monthly
  • One Inspirational & Interactive Guest Speaker monthly 
    illuminating varying cultural perspectives

Content also includes: the ORGASMIC FREQUENCY & ENCHANTRESS teachings as well as a variety of other Devotional Tools.

Kathe on a boat

As is true throughout The School of Invisible Arts, all material will be taught in a manner that respects & explores {& utilizes cultural reparations when appropriate} the teachers/cultures/ancestry of any practices that are not my own.