THE MAP: Week 1 Writing Exercise

THE MAP: Writing Exercise

Take a moment to think about the time of day you were born.
Imagine what that felt like for your parents or parent:
to be in labor, waiting/assisting your child to be born AT THAT TIME OF DAY.
Think about where this happened, what part of the country or world
& what it might be like at that time & place for your parents.
Jot down some images or ideas,
even parts of stories you may have heard from your parents.

Imagine that you chose that time.
You chose that time to set a template for yourself
to experience & understand life, others, creativity, family, work.
As you write you can begin to add in the time of year & the location,
that you chose this specific constellation of factors to set a platform
for this life.

Think about how the time of day, time of year & location
are not by default but intention & how that
reflects in your personality, how you have lived your life up until this point.
Just jot down whatever comes up for you.

Do not worry about the finished writing, go from one thing to another:
phrases, words . . . write down everything you can think of,
imagining why you chose this moment
as your destiny at this time:
to be of service, to be challenged
to best fit into the matrix of life.

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