Class 1: THE MAP

Class 1: THE MAP

Study Guide

THE MAP ~ first impressions of your chart

Take a moment to imagine your Highest Self:
an angel, perhaps,
a pilgrim traveling in search of truth,
an agent of love & change
that is not ruled by emotions or physical need.
This is your true self, between worlds.

This is the self that chose this very life you are in ~ all of the intricacies. Your place of birth, your parents, your siblings ~
all of the moments of connection & joy
& also all of the moments of disappointment & struggle.

For this moment, let’s play,
let’s imagine your Highest Self & all the other souls waiting to incarnate on a golden zeppelin like the one above, lined up like the most beautiful spirit soldiers, fully knowing this time we are living in right now.

Choosing this very time in history,
choosing these moments, these relationships, these questions.
Knowing that it was the best possible life, in a series of lifetimes,
to challenge the core of your soul.

Let’s take it a little bit further & imagine at the helm
a spirit guide holding a magical instrument.

The two of you contemplate together as the needles shift & turn.
Together, spirit guide & spirit soldier, decide on the elements
that configure this very life you are living right now.
As the perfect alignment of place, date & parental configuration
come together in the form of your birth, your soul nods it’s head & the opening appears. You drop to earth.

This invitation & the resulting map is your natal chart.

There are two lines in your chart that are a bit bolder.
This orientation is the first thing to notice when you look at your own chart.

The one that goes from the very bottom of the chart to the top
(not always perpendicular to the earth, depending on the season)
is the IC/Midheaven line (we will discuss this in a minute).

The one that crosses the chart horizontally, from left to right,
is the ascendant/descendant line.

This was the horizon line when you were born.

It is as if you came down onto this earth as a newborn
& were laid on the earth right there,
gazing up into the sky.

Night or Day

Acquaint yourself with the moon & the sun symbols below & find them on your chart:



Simply, if you see the Sun symbol above the horizon line,
you were born in the daytime.
If it is to the left of the Mid-Heaven (top of the chart)
this means you were born in the morning.
To the right, in the afternoon.

If you see the Sun symbol below the horizon line you were born after the sunset.
If it is to the right of the IC (bottom of the chart)
you were born before midnight.
To the left, in the hours between midnight & dawn.

This placement is significant in how your soul
was set in this lifetime.
I will be discussing this in the meditations & in the tutorials
but take a moment now to intuitively consider what that may mean for you.

We will be talking about the significance of the Lunar Phase
you were born under in the 4th week,
however you can take notice of the placement of the Moon Symbol in your chart.

If it is close to the Sun,
either before or after,
you were born around the New Moon.

If it is approximately opposite the Sun,
you were born around the Full Moon.

In all other positions, for now you can guess ~
quarter moon, waning/waxing moon.
We will be discussing this but you can also intuit
what that might mean for you with the whatever knowledge
you may have regarding the moon cycles.

The Points of the Sky = The ‘Points’ in Your Life

The 4 main orientation points in your chart:

The Ascendant: your appearance, your most visual ‘mood’, your mask (in the best/worst sense of that word),
how you are best received, the expression of โ€œselfโ€ in relation to others The IC {Imum Coeli} (Latin for “bottom of the sky”): your roots, the least conscious part of ourselves, the beginnings in life,
the need for security in home & relationships
The Descendant: the characteristics you express in close relationships, partnerships & friendships, intimacy tools
The Mid-Heaven: career, status, aim in life, aspirations, public reputation & life goals

This is how we find ourselves.

Please tread gently as you begin to look at your charts.

One thing that I will keep reminding you of is that if you do not have any planets or concentrations around a point in your chart, this does not mean you have nothing going on there.

There are so many factors to consider
& we are taking the tiniest of baby steps.

Just the Zodiac signs signified at these points tell us so much. We will be delving deeper into the Signs next week,

but feel free to use the knowledge you may have to play here.
Keep in mind that for this week we are understanding
the general layout of The Map.

A significant point of orientation when looking at The Map is to understand that Astrology is about the trajectories of our lives, traveling from one sign to it’s opposite.

You can understand this when thinking about the Ascendant to the Descendant: traveling from the way we appear to others towards the needs we have of others & also when traveling from the IC to the Midheaven:
traveling from our roots to the our most outermost expression of self in this lifetime, our career & life work

A Simple View of the Houses

As you begin to understand The Map, you will see that your chart
is divided into 12 pie shaped segments,
organized around that primal cross of the Ascendant/Descendant,
IC/Midheaven described above.

This is the House system.
Each piece of pie signifies an area of our lives as defined below:

Again, if you don’t have any obvious “action” in one of the houses
(or several), it does not mean you don’t have anything going on there, it is just that the work & life experience there is more subtle & calling for a deeper exploration.
For now we are looking for the most obvious guidelines.

Pay attention to the quadrants & houses in your chart & notice where there is the most concentration.
This is a signifier of your karmic assignment in this lifetime, what you chose to work on when contemplating that Golden Compass before birth.

I will show you a few things regarding this in the Zoom tutorials.

Here is another supportive way of looking at those 4 quadrants from a personal development model:

I think that is enough for now!
Please post any reflections or comments in your study groups & happy trails.
I love you.

See you on the Zoom call tomorrow.
Links will be posted Tuesday morning.

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